The Saint Francis School Interscholastic Athletic Program is an integral part of the total educational structure. All participants should have equal opportunity for varied sports experiences, commensurate with their interest and abilities. Every effort is made to provide athletic experiences for as many students as possible. Because of the infinite number of individual differences in abilities and interest, the program is broad and comprehensive.

Competitive athletic teams are selected on the basis of the needs, interests, and basic abilities of the students. There are as many athletic teams at Saint Francis School as can be adequately coached, managed, and financially supported. Saint Francis School believes strongly that the coach of an athletic activity must assume the leadership role.

Coaches strive to develop leaders, foster cooperation, teach skills, instill pride in performance, and exhibit outstanding sportsmanship for emulation by students. Coaches must insist upon ethical behavior and good sportsmanship. Every effort is made by coaches to instill in participants a desire to win along with an emphasis on giving ones best effort no mater the outcome of the contest.