Saints Program

It is a privilege for both coaches and students to be a participant in Saint Francis Athletics. For the students, it is a means to learning many individual and team life lessons and many learned core values. Through practice and competition, our student athletes can learn self-sacrifice, teamwork, discipline, and how to handle achievement and defeat. For the coaches, it is the opportunity to play a critical role in the education of our students at Saint Francis School.

Saint Francis School will offer a wide variety of sports so that our students will have an opportunity to participate in an activity where their own physical and mental attributes have the best chance of success. Saint Francis School will emphasize winning as a goal, but not as an end result. Sportsmanship by the participants, coaches and parents is a high priority.

“Saint Strong” is a tradition and philosophical cornerstone of the entire school community. It carries many meanings including the idea that our school and student athletes will stand and come together when we win and in defeat. We will stay strong in our minds, hearts, and our goals to succeed. The slogan also emphasizes the idea of a unified whole, not a conglomerate of separate and distinct entities vying for individual recognition and glory.